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Tom Novinski Principal Main Office
Scott Oldaker Asst. Principal Main Office
Ethan Buege Asst. Principal Main Office
Evan Roberts Dean of Students 124
Debra Quick Sec. To the Principal Main Office
Carrie English Sec. To the Asst. Principal Main Office
Kim Fitzgerald Office Clerk  
Sheryl Szczesniak Certified School Nurse Health Office
Kate Tompkins Building Nurse Health Office
Jasmine Das Health Clerk Health Office
Kathryn Murray Library Media Specialist Media Center (office)
Diana Sellers Media Clerk Media Center
Brian Murray Athletic Coordinator PE Office
Grade 6
Melissa Bayles Science  
Kathleen Briick Language Arts  
Diane Haskins Social Studies  
Amy LaJeunesse Social Studies  
Ashley James Math  
Patti Morson Math  
Sarah Riedel Science  
Lesley Sareny Science/Math  
Katharine Sheble Instructional/Resource  
Kim Wayne Language Arts  
Christine Young Math  
Grade 7
Matthew Allen Social Studies  
Lisa Ballard Social Studies/Math  
Ashley James Math  
Christine Kus Language Arts  
Cheryl Lucas Science  
Stephanie Manno Science  
Andrea Medina Language Arts  
Kristi Pleshar Social Studies  
Deanna Rivas Language Arts/Social Studies  
Jeff St.Yves Math  
Erica Swanson Instructional/Resource  
Grade 8
Matthew Allen Social Studies  
Erin Buddy Instructional/Resource  
Tabitha Galaty Science  
Kristen Graf Social Studies/Science  
Sarah Hill Math  
Eric Kelly Social Studies  
Chris Klein Math/ Algebra 1  
Christal Ready Science  
Carrie Rogus Language Arts  
Kevin Smith Language Arts  
Jeff St.Yves Math  
Tracy Kania RISE  
Angela Shiplett RISE  
Tracey Kirk Learning Specialist  
Nicole Abbott Reading Specialist  
Karen Domabyl Reading Specialist  
Jennifer Ewald Reading Specialist  
Danielle Bluder Instructional    Grades 6, 7, & 8  
Charles Brown Instructional/Resource      Grades 6, 7, & 8  
Kelly Larson Instructional/Resource      Grades 6 & 8  
Jennifer Ponx Instructional/Resource      Grades 6, 7, & 8  
James Schellekens Instructional/Resource      Grades 6, 7, & 8  
Kristine Demke ELL/Resource  
Adrianne Espinoza-Zamora ELL/Resource  
Melissa Griffith FBI  
Aideen Carrick Spanish  
Sheridan Perry Spanish  
Robert Doyle PE/Health PE Office
Paul Ferraro PE/Health PE Office
Nicholas Kutsulis PE/Health PE Office
Brian Murray PE/Health PE Office
Amanda Piscitelli PE/Health PE Office
Heidi Romandine PE/Health PE Office
Janice Adams LA Lab/Communications/Public Speaking/Intro to Human Geography  
Josh Bayles Family & Consumer Science  
Karen Blair Choir/General Music  
Karlee Van Kley Band/General Music  
John Pilch STEAM/Computers  
Hailey Mendell Art  
Support Services
Patricia Puente Speech and Language Path.  
Roman Hughes Social Worker  
Dr. Mary Kukla Social Worker  
Chris Pavlich Social Worker  
Daisy Silva Social Worker  
Cyndi Stacy Hearing Itinerant  
Jacklen Girgis Psychologist  
Teaching Assistants
Shameal Ahmad    
Jean Atienza    
Rebecca Derwin    
Janet DiStasio    
Stephanie Essex    
Laura Gialo    
Diana Grandmaison    
Teresa Meyer    
Owusua Ofori    
Loretta Ryan    
Tracy Scherry    
Karen Tipton    
Lisa Witek    
Lunchroom Supervisors    
Vaketa Cary    
Dana Nuccio    
Kathy Nuding    
Michelle Parma    
Jill Velasco    
Kimberly Kries    
Robert Lopez    
Karla Ortiz    
Robert Ortiz    
Norma Zavala    



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