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D. 202 does relatively well on state assessment

Plainfield District 202 did fairly well on the new state assessment – especially when viewed in the context of the incalculable impact of the Covid pandemic.

“All in all, our students and staff did a remarkable job of advancing teaching and learning, pulling against the dual anchors of remote learning and blended learning,” said Dr. Paula Sereleas, District 202 Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

It truly was an amazing time, but that is now the past. And like most school districts, District 202 is done with the past. We are focusing only on the future. We are proud of our results compared to state averages, but we recognize that there is so much more to do this year and going forward.”

The State is now assigning schools one of four “Designations” based on their performance:

  • “Exemplary” recognizes the highest of the performing 10 percent of schools
  • “Comprehensive” identifies the lowest performing 5 percent of schools;
  • Targeted, which identifies schools whose overall performance is above the lowest 5 percent, but have one or more student groups whose performance is on par with the lowest performing 5 percent; and
  • Commendable, which captures all other schools.

Specifically, 24 of our 31 schools earned Commendable status and another 5 earned Exemplary status.

Not measured are Plainfield Academy, because it is a collection of programs, and Bonnie McBeth because it is a preschool.

Students across the district performed close to and above the state average on ELA and Math on the IAR assessment and SAT scores in English and Math were both above the state average. High schools continue to outperform the state in the 9th grade on-track measure for all student groups.

“Again, there is always room for improvement,” Sereleas said. This new data really helps us set a new, meaningful baseline going forward. It is critical to remember that we are not comparing ourselves to other districts, most of which have more or less resources, different local priorities, etc.

We are proud of our success and look forward to continued growth for our students and staff, both in and outside our classrooms,” Sereleas said.

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